The respect for nature and people

Enhancing what nature has to offer

The company Fratelli Carli can find its origins in the farming culture and has been able to pass down to the younger generations the passion for quality, the love for nature, the respect for people.

Our Sustainability Committee is composed of representatives from all company functions, guides and coordinates everybody’s effort towards an institution that want to take a leading role in the creation of a new social and development model.

The company works constantly to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and the quantity of waste derived from production. The commitment is directed also at the spread of the sustainability culture: workers and customers are made aware of the problem, though the encouragement of practices for a sustainable lifestyle.

Since 2014, the company has obtained the Benefit Corporation certification. This means respecting rigorous social and environmental standards. The movement B Corp has the objective of defining a new paradigm of business that keeps pace with the changing of times, concrete and replicable. In this new reality, being sustainable is fundamental. The company’s values and objectives are shared with collaborators and suppliers to work together to the creation of a new development model.

Progetto Insieme

... literally means “Project Together“ and this is the name choosen to represent the project founded in 2002 by Mediterranea Cosmetics. Since then, Mediterranea Cosmetics collaborates with the no-profit international organization AIFO to make humanitarian work in Mozambique such as construction of water wells, renovation of hospitals, support for health programs for the prevention and control of diseases such as leprosy, tuberculosis, AIDS. Since 2013, the commitment was mainly focused on supporting the Sao José nursery school and the Lar Elda shelter.

In 2016 Mediterranea Cosmetics was awarded with Marie Claire Ethical Prize for the humanitarian work done with Progetto Insieme.