The Beauty Laboratory

Enhancing what nature has to offer

The Company is located in Liguria, an Italian region of majestic mountains, rolling hills and green land, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Here, the mild climate favours the growth of vegetables, spices, flowers and olives. This rich and luxuriant environment inspired, in 1997, Mr. Lucio Carli to transfer his long experience in processing Olive Oil into the creation of original and effective olive-based cosmetic formulas, to allow everyone to benefit from the fantastic properties of this noble raw material.

Innovation is the key of the game

Nearly all formulas can claim the benefits of Olive Oil and our Laboratory experts continuously study and research to find more natural and effective actives as well as looking for innovation. From there, they work on developing a product that can take full advantages of the new active’s properties or technological innovations! These innovations are also implemented in already existing products to always offer you updated formulas for maximum effectiveness. Research in collaboration with Doctors and Universities has led to the creation of targeted products.

Our promise to you

Each formulation is studied and produced in compliance with European Regulations and GMP requirements. Mediterranea works faultlessly by ensuring an environment for consistent developments and implementations of quality standards, all the while, respecting the world where we live in and the principles of sustainability, with minimum waste of resources and elimination of harmful agents for skin and environment. Moreover, the formulas do not contain animal-origin ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Beauty lies in diversity

Over the years, Mediterranea Cosmetics has been passionately studying and creating cosmetic products with attention, honesty and respect for its customers to offer them effective solutions able to satisfy their needs, while establishing mutual trust. Every woman is unique and the Mediterranea Cosmetics Beauty Laboratory stands beside each of them, proposing targeted cosmetic solutions to enhance their beauties.