It all begins with an idea

Over 100 years of hystory,
more than 20 years dedicated to Beauty!


It all begins with an idea

Originally the Carli family owned the typography of Imperia and an olive grove for producing Olive Oil for the family use. In 1911, the olive grove yields an exceptional aboudant Olive harvest and Giovanni Carli, the printer Carlo Carli’s son, has the idea of selling the Olive Oil directly to families, going door to door.


The origin of our vocation

The activity of the Carli family as a producer and seller of Olive Oil was constantly growing. In these years the Company founded the Soap and Refinery Industry (ISER), also beginning the production of soaps made with Olive Oil for the house and personal hygiene.


The acknowledgments of all our efforts

In 1927, Fratelli Carli is awarded the status of Pontificial Supplier by Pope Pius XI. 10 years later, his majesty Vittorio Emanuele III also granted the Company the title of Official Suppliers of Royal House.


The resilience of our dedication

After being severly wounded by the WWII bombings, the headquarters, new warehouse and a new modern oil mill are rebuilt. The production of Carli soap for home hygiene and personal hygiene is also resumed.


Wind of change

The company moves to a new headquarter with advanced production machinery, new offices and the pioneering mechanographic center, which allows to give excellent customer service.


Spreading our passion

The historical headquarters was transformed into the “Museum of the Olive” in 1992 to educate locals and foreigners about this precious resource and its history. It boasts over 30,000 visitors per year.


Fratelli Carli takes the web

Always in line with the times, Fratelli Carli one the first Italian companies to believe in the web, creating the website


Mediterranea is born.

To expand from the idea of wellness, a cosmetics line including olive oil as an ingredient is developed following the vision of Lucio Carli. The first 8 products of this line were launched through catalogue and Mediterranea website.


Mediterranea establishes itself more and more

The Mediterranea products are increasingly appreciated and evolve into formulas richer in active and complex ingredients at the forefront of the global competition. The offer of the Company cosmetic products increases with excellent response from customers.


Progetto Insieme

“Progetto Insieme“ literally means “Project Together“ and this is the name choosen to represent the project founded by Mediterranea Cosmetics in collaboration with the no-profit international organization AIFO to make humanitarian work in Mozambique.


Mediterranea abroad

Since the success of the Mediterranea cosmetic line in Italy, the Company began to propose its cosmetic products in other European markets, till they crossed the European border.


Mediterranea products on display

With the creation of the Company Store in Imperia, Mediterranea products have being presented to the public, expanding the original distribution channels, correspondence and e-store.


B Corporation

The company obtained the Benefit Corporation certification thank to its rigorous social and environmental standards. The company’s values and objectives are shared with collaborators and suppliers to work together to the creation of a new development model.


The Beauty Laboratory

Mediterranea Cosmetics has come to include a highly specialised team that continuously innovate the formulas, which has now come to count more than 300 products. Nature keeps being the source of inspiration for developing products characterized by a great balance between nature and science.