The Divina range takes the use of olive oil for cosmetics purposes to a whole new level.
This multisensory and multi-action face serum marries natural active principles, which are exclusively plant sourced, with the highly advanced cosmetic technology for maximum performance in treating the signs of aging.
Nature and science in a triumph of efficacy and pleasantness!


This line was created as an intensive treatment, thanks to a concentrated mixture of precious natural ingredients, developed by science to reactivate the cellular activity and the re-densification process of the skin. Suggested for a shock action: at the changing of the seasons, after a stressful period or when your skin feels the need for a little more nourishment and energy.


Anti-aging and brightening treatments with olive oil and black pearl fragments. Luxury and innovation together for efficacy in order to bring back softness, tone and elasticity to the skin. These extraordinary formulas fight and prevent wrinkles for a rejuvenating action, the face will achieve new luminosity and radiance.


The anti-aging and energising skincare line to awaken the senses thanks to sensorial textures, smooth as silk, and beautifully floral scent. Olive oil, floral extract and vitamins act synergically to fight aging, correcting the imperfections and refining the skin texture. To recharge the skin while improving the global appearance!


Nature is the main source of inspiration and the balance between nature and science distinguishes all Mediterranea Cosmetics products.