Perfect Day

The Perfect Day range is 100% made in Italy, Elegant and refined, it has a delicate scent of Argan and hydrating and pleasantly emollient effect of the skin, thanks to active principle such as Olive and Argan Oil.

Argan Oil

The ARGAN OIL is greatly appreciated in cosmetics for its extraordinary hydrating, nourishing, anti-wrinkle and firming properties. The pleasant fragrance of Argan will envelop your guests with seductive Mediterranean atmospheres. The formulations are dermatologically tested and without parabens.

Olfactory journey

Fragrance has a key role in evoking positive emotions. To this end, Mediterranea Cosmetics has completed the Perfect Day line with matching room fragrances. In the range, you will find an elegant room fragrance diffuser and a practical fragrance spray for fabrics and rooms. Scented emotions, to make the guest’s sojourn even more pleasant, leaving them with an unforgettable memory of their stay.


Nature is the main source of inspiration and the balance between nature and science distinguishes all Mediterranea Cosmetics products.