SUN Line

The sun protection line from Mediterranea Pharma was created with the mission of preserving the beauty of the skin and prevent the damages that the sun can cause: the ones that are immediately visible (such as burns and rashes) and the ones that will present themselves in the future (such as skin aging).

Under the sun with the maximum safety

The SUN line protection products are characterized by an innovative formulation obtained by combining the UVA and UVB screens with two active ingredients coming from nature to protect the DNA and enhance the tan.

They do not contain parabens and petrolatum and have been nickel tested. The scent is without allergens. The texture is light and of easy application. Available different protection factors.

Rehydrate the skin after the sun

Prolongued exposure to sun radiations deprives our skin of a large quantity of liquids that we then have to replenish the avoid dryness and peeling.

AFTER SUN products cleanse, hydrate and soothe the skin after sun exposure, giving relief and enhancing the tan, that keeps radiant for longer.


Nature is the main source of inspiration and the balance between nature and science distinguishes all Mediterranea Cosmetics products.